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9 Essential Steps to Improve Doctor Ratings Online: The Ultimate Guide

Doctor ratings and online reviews have become increasingly crucial in today’s healthcare industry. Patients are using the internet to find healthcare providers, and they rely on online ratings and reviews to make informed decisions about their healthcare. As a result, managing your online reputation and improving doctor ratings has become an essential part of your marketing strategy.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you improve your doctor ratings online. Here are nine essential steps to get you started:

Step 1: Control your name in more locations online

Make sure you own as many online properties with the name of your practice as possible. This includes a Facebook and LinkedIn account along with Twitter and YouTube, any properties your office can manage. It’s also crucial to have an easy-to-find website optimized for doctor SEO. For larger practices and hospitals, you can have separate websites for different doctors in your practice for an increased web presence.

Step 2: Keep up your social media presence

Owning various properties on outside sites is only part of the equation. You have to manage them if you want to grow your practice or hospital. Post regularly on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…whatever helps patients find your brand. Interact with patients, respond to comments, and answer questions to boost your reputation.

Step 3: Respond to reviews and doctor ratings quickly

Responding to reviews and doctor ratings quickly is essential for improving your online reputation. Patients appreciate it when their positive reviews are noticed and appreciated. Responding to negative reviews can help you turn things around if you handle it professionally.

Step 4: Get rid of negative patient reviews (if you can)

If you come across a negative review that violates HIPAA or contains inappropriate language, you can get it removed from most outside review sites. Yelp, for instance, may side with the reviewer, but you can prove defamation if you have a court jurisdiction against the reviewer.

Step 5: Identify unhappy patients sooner

Identifying patients who may be likely to leave a negative review before they sit down at the computer is helpful. Reputation management is a learning process, but it starts with having the right people on your team. Make sure your front desk staff is trained on everything from answering the phones politely to timely billing practices.

Step 6: Feature 4- and 5-star doctor ratings on your site

Feature 4- and 5-star doctor ratings on your website to help prospective patients. These positive reviews can outweigh negative reviews and help boost your reputation online.

Step 7: Encourage your patients to leave positive reviews

Encourage your patients to leave positive reviews on your website and other outside review sites. Create a system to follow up with patients after appointments, and ask them to leave feedback.

Step 8: Offer an exceptional patient experience

Offering an exceptional patient experience can help boost your online reputation. This includes timely billing practices, polite communication, and other positive interactions.

Step 9: Use a review management tool

A review management tool can help you stay on top of online reviews and make sure the good outshines the bad., for instance, is an excellent tool that can help you get more reviews and improve your SEO ranking.

Improving your doctor ratings online is essential for attracting new patients, retaining current patients, and staying competitive in the healthcare industry. By following these nine essential steps, you can improve your online reputation and achieve your business goals.


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