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Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines while your competition attracts more customers and gets more positive reviews? It’s time to take action and take control of your dealership’s reputation. In this article, we’ll show you four simple yet effective ways to start collecting more positive reviews and building a better reputation for your dealership.

Respond Quickly and Effectively

Your response time can make or break a potential sale. In fact, 72% of buyers are unsure of which seller to buy from, and a quick, informative response can help you win them over. To get started, make sure you have a lead-handling process in place that allows you to respond promptly to leads, ideally within minutes. Remember to answer all the buyer’s questions, and make sure you’re focused on the buyer’s needs, not your own priorities.

Make a Great First Impression

Greeting your buyers warmly and professionally when they arrive at your dealership is just the start. You can make an even better impression by making sure your showroom is ready to go. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Remove clutter from desks and keep restrooms and coffee stations clean.
  • Highlight your brag wall to show off your dealership’s accomplishments.
  • Provide amenities like WiFi, a television, and magazines to keep buyers comfortable.

Remember, the more comfortable your buyers feel, the more likely they are to imagine themselves driving away in one of your vehicles.

Go the Extra Mile

Customers want to feel valued, and there are plenty of ways you can show them that they are. Consider offering special discounts or rewards for repeat business, or follow up with buyers even if they don’t end up purchasing a vehicle from you. By going the extra mile, you’ll be one step closer to earning a positive review.

Make it Easy for Buyers to Leave a Review

Consider including signage in your showroom or creating a physical card that prompts them to leave a review. You can also follow up with customers after the sale to ask for feedback and request a review. By making it easy for buyers to leave a review, you’ll increase your chances of getting more positive reviews.

Now that you know what to do, it’s time to take action and start boosting your dealership’s reputation! Get started today, and soon you’ll be well on your way to more sales and a better reputation.

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