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Google’s Review Gatekeeping: A Guide for Business Owner

As a business owner, receiving positive reviews on Google can significantly impact your online reputation and drive traffic to your website. However, Google recently implemented a new review gatekeeping system that could hinder your ability to collect reviews from customers. In this article, we’ll explore what this new system entails and share some tips and strategies to help you navigate it successfully.

What is Google’s New Review Gatekeeping System?

Google’s new review gatekeeping system aims to prevent fraudulent reviews from being posted on businesses’ Google My Business (GMB) listings. This new system requires customers to have a Google account and a history of leaving reviews before they can submit a review for a business.

The intention behind this system is to increase the reliability and authenticity of reviews on GMB listings. However, this can also make it more difficult for businesses to receive reviews from customers who may not have a Google account or who have not previously left reviews.

Tips and Strategies for Businesses

Here are some tips and strategies to help you navigate Google’s new review gatekeeping system and ensure that your business continues to receive valuable reviews from customers:

Encourage Customers to Create Google Accounts

  • Encouraging your customers to create Google accounts can be a great way to ensure that they can leave reviews on your GMB listing. Consider adding a call-to-action on your website or social media pages to encourage customers to create Google accounts and leave reviews.

Provide Clear Instructions for Leaving a Review

  • Make sure that your customers know how to leave a review on your GMB listing. Providing clear instructions on your website or in-store can help simplify the process and encourage more customers to leave reviews.

Use an Online Review Management Tool

  • Consider using an online review management tool like This tool can help you streamline the process of requesting and managing customer reviews on multiple platforms, including Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Focus on Customer Experience

  • Focusing on providing exceptional customer experience can help increase the likelihood that customers will leave positive reviews. Make sure that your customers are happy with your products or services, and consider offering incentives for leaving a review on Google.

Engage with Customer Reviews

  • Engaging with customer reviews can help increase customer loyalty and demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction. Make sure to respond promptly and professionally to both positive and negative reviews.

Google’s new review gatekeeping system can be a challenge for businesses, but it’s not impossible to overcome. By encouraging customers to create Google accounts, providing clear instructions for leaving a review, using online review management tools, focusing on customer experience, and engaging with customer reviews, you can continue to receive valuable reviews on your GMB listing.


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