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How to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Dentist: The Importance of Reviews to Dentists

Nowadays, people consult reviews on various review sites before choosing a dentist. Customers want to know about the dentist’s customer service, reputation, and professionalism. They desire an honest evaluation that isn’t biased by an advertising budget. Honest online reviews assist dentists in establishing their credibility and attracting new business. Good reviews encourage patients to try new practices and boost the dentist’s reputation. However, even the best dentists may have trouble getting positive reviews. This article will explain why dentists struggle to get reviews and how you can help them.

Why Do Dentists Struggle with Reviews?

Honest reviews can be challenging to come by. A dental practice may only have a few hundred regular patients, and many of them may forget to leave a positive review when everything goes well. People are more inclined to leave a negative review when something goes wrong. Smaller, local practices have trouble getting a good volume of online reviews from current patients. This makes it difficult to attract new patients, as patients want to see a considerable number of positive reviews before trying out a new practice. This leads to a catch-22 situation where the dental practice needs more patients to get more reviews but needs reviews to get more patients.

On the other hand, larger practices may have enough reviews, but the content of these reviews may not be useful to attract new patients. A practice may have 12 reviews that merely say “Great people in this office!” But the negative review from a single patient that tells a three-paragraph story about their unpleasant experience can be enough to make a new patient “play it safe” and look for another dentist.

Writing Reviews Even if Not Asked

If you are satisfied with your dentist, you can help them out by writing a positive online review. Many patients are willing to do this if asked. However, busy dentists often forget to ask. It only takes a minute to write a review, and it goes a long way in helping your dentist and their team. You can write a review on Yelp, Google Reviews/Google My Business, Facebook, CareDash, and Health Grades.

What to Put in Your Review

A good review should be positive and helpful. Honesty is key when it comes to reviews. Reviews should help others understand whether your experience is relevant to them. For example, your review should mention what procedures you had done, who had the procedure done, and anything that was handled particularly well. It is vital to mention the dentist’s comforting nature, professionalism, or how they finished the procedure promptly. A long, detailed review will help other patients, and they will be more likely to choose the dentist based on your review.


Positive reviews can significantly help dental practices. Dentists appreciate positive reviews, and they help to establish their credibility and attract new patients. Smaller practices can have difficulty getting a good volume of online reviews, and larger practices may have enough reviews but may not be helpful in attracting new patients. You can help your dentist by writing a positive review, even if they don’t ask. Your review should be honest, positive, and helpful to other patients. By writing a good review, you can help keep your dentist in business and contribute to their success.

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