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Online Reputation Management: Learn from the Best

Online reputation management has become an integral part of every business owner’s digital marketing strategy. In today’s fast-paced world, word travels quickly, and a negative online reputation can have severe consequences on a business’s success. Harvard Business School’s research shows that a one-star rating increase in Yelp leads to a 9% increase in return on investment (ROI). Moreover, a recent report by Bright Local reveals that 93% of consumers rely on local reviews to make purchasing decisions. This means that a single mistake can severely affect a business’s reputation, as on average, 15 people talk about their dissatisfaction with poor services.

The Power of Social Listening in Online Reputation Management


The Importance of Responding to Customers Promptly

Responding to customer inquiries and concerns is critical for building a positive online reputation. Failure to address customer queries can lead to negative publicity and hurt a business’s image. For instance, American Eagle faced backlash when a customer’s question went unanswered, and the unhappy customer later posted about his negative experience publicly.

Successful Online Reputation Management Campaigns

Numerous brands have successfully managed their online reputation by treating their customers well and addressing their concerns promptly. Starbucks and Barista, for instance, treat their clients as kings and issue free drink vouchers in the case of delayed service. Nike has established a tweet support team to address client concerns promptly, while Yelp follows up diligently on every review they receive, especially those with negative sentiments.

Automation Tools for Online Reputation Management

While tracking and analyzing millions of reviews and comments would be humanly impossible for most businesses, social media automation tools such as social listening have made it possible to manage online reputation more efficiently. Social listening does more than tracking reviews and raising alerts. It analyzes customer feedback, identifies areas of improvement, and helps businesses build a positive brand image.

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