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The Power of Online Customer Reviews: Boosting Your Restaurant’s Reputation

In today’s world, the internet plays a significant role in the hospitality industry, especially with the rise of online customer reviews. Consumers turn to these platforms for in-depth information about restaurants, making it crucial for restaurateurs to understand the impact of online customer reviews and how to leverage them for their benefit.

The Importance of Online Customer Reviews for Restaurants

Online customer reviews are valuable sources of information for potential consumers, allowing them to get a sense of a restaurant’s atmosphere, food quality, and service before they visit. According to a study by Parikh et al., there are four main reasons why customers read online reviews:

  • Risk Reduction: Online reviews help customers reduce the risk of a disappointing dining experience by providing information about the quality of the food and service.
  • Search-time Reduction: Online review platforms make it easier for customers to quickly find information about restaurants, reducing the time and effort required to make a decision.
  • Buyer’s Remorse: Reviews can help customers feel more confident about their dining choices and reduce the potential for regret after spending money on a dining experience.
  • Group Influence: Reviews from peers can significantly affect a customer’s perception of a restaurant and influence their decision, even if they haven’t visited the restaurant themselves.

How Restaurants Can Benefit from Online Customer Reviews

Online customer reviews offer both opportunities and risks for restaurants. One of the biggest benefits is the ability for restaurants to track consumer opinions in real-time, providing valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement. Additionally, positive online reviews can attract new customers and drive business.

To maximize the benefits of online customer reviews, restaurateurs should focus on building a positive online reputation. This can be achieved by organizing events for influential customers, regularly updating their online profiles, and engaging with both positive and negative reviews. Responding to reviews shows that the restaurant is attentive to customer feedback and demonstrates a commitment to delivering a high-quality dining experience.

The Impact of Online Customer Reviews on Business

Studies have shown that online customer reviews can have a significant impact on a restaurant’s business. In a recent study by Anderson and Magruder, higher Yelp scores were found to result in restaurants selling tables 19% more frequently during peak periods. This impact was strongest for restaurants for which information was scarce, with restaurants that weren’t accredited by experts selling out 27% more frequently if they received an extra star on Yelp.

The closer the connection between restaurants and customers through online reviews, the greater the positive effects on the restaurant’s business. User reviews can direct customers to higher-quality restaurants, resulting in lower-grade restaurants either closing or improving their quality to meet changing consumer demands.


Online customer reviews play a crucial role in the hospitality industry, providing valuable information for potential customers and influencing their dining decisions. Restaurateurs who understand the impact of online customer reviews and take steps to build a positive online reputation can reap significant benefits for their business.

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